Please scroll below for our Ala Carte prices but we're also happy to let you know that we do offer special package prices as well as promotional prices periodically. We recommend you make an appointment with one of our Refiners at 03 7731 9339 so that we can work out a suitable programme that fits your goals, time and budget.


mr express

Recommended for all skin types

ChronO2 Cold
A quick pick me up facial to refresh the skin instantly in 30 mins.

RM90 30mins



mr repair

Recommended for combination / oily / acne-prone skin

Normalize sebum secretion for clear hydrated skin.

RM150 75mins

Deep Pore Cleansing
Rebalances your skin, eliminates acne, refines pores and diminishes blemishes with the Thalgodermyl ampoule.

RM280 90mins

Algae Detox
Deep cleanses your skin and stabilizes combination, oily or problematic skin types.

RM300 90mins

Blemish Control
For problematic youthful skin, natural essential oils and marine algae mask reduce inflammation and control excess sebum.

RM410 90mins

Prevent the effects of aging through non-surgical micro stimulation.

RM590 120mins

mr replenisher

Recommended for dehydrated/dry/sun-burnt/sensitive skin

Skin Calming
Reduce irritation and rehydrate sun-burnt skin with bio marine ampoule.

RM280 90mins

Moisture Boost
Instantly quench dehydrated skin with a burst of marine active ingredients and vegetal milks.

RM280 90mins

Skin Repair
Reduce redness and refine tension lines with a cool mask and a specific treatment using reviving marine and plant extracts.

RM410 90mins

Intensive Moisture
For soft, radiant and hydrated skin using a mask combining with active marine ingredients and vegetal milks.

RM410 90mins

Power H2O
Hydrates and soothes skin with ultra-rich nutrients including hydrating mask and pure oxygen.

RM590 120mins

mr rejuvenator

Recommended for dull / pigmented / freckled / prematurely aged / unevenly toned skin

Anti Dullness
Designed  to re-textured skin complexion and stimulate renewal of the skin cell. Skin feels firmer and more toned. The wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed away.

RM490 90mins

Instant Brightening
With a revolutionary depigmentation and rejuvenating active ingredient – Clear Expert Complex that makes skin lighter and more rediant, pigmentation marks fade gradually. Skin is more plumped and visibly younger looking.

RM510 120mins

 mr age defiant 

Recommended for skin with fine lines / wrinkles / sagging / dryness and premature aging

Intense Nutrition
Combat dryness and fine lines with this delicious facial for specially dry skin.

RM280 90mins





Age Reversal 25+ with Marine Collagen
For men aged 25 and above who want to smooth fine lines and expression line while intensely hydrating the skin. The synergy of this treatment enables fighting against the first signs of ageing. The skin becomes radiant, hydrated and regenerated. Fine lines and the first wrinkles are smoothed.

RM460 90mins

Age Reversal 35+ with Marine Hyaluronic
For men aged 35 and above who want to fill their deepest wrinkles and stimulate the skin’s youthfulness. The skin is younger looking, smoother, less wrinkled and the deepest wrinkles are filled from within.

RM510 90mins

Age Reversal 40+ with Marine Silicium
For men aged 40 and above who want to fill their deep wrinkles and lift their facial contours and neck. The whole of the face seems smoother and less wrinkled on the frown lines and eye contour. Facial contours and the neck as if lifted.

RM560 90mins

Power Exceptional
A ‘must-have’ treatment that involves Thalgo’s original Energilift modeling massage which acts on muscle tone and gives a genuine “manual face lift”.

RM680 90mins

mr restructure 

Recommended for skin with blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone and sagging skin. Uses high-tech, medical-grade machines for rapid results

Power Oxygen Defence
Regain your original healthy complexion with intensive cellular oxygenating treatment with a special warming mask. 

RM410 90mins





Scar Management
Effectively smoothen blemishes, scars and removes excess dead cells, sluggish complexion and uneven skin tone with unique diamond exfoliating machine and marine AHA and BHA peel system.

RM590 120mins

HD Facelift
A non-surgical lifting treatment with RF machine that helps re-contour and restructure skin as well as stimulates collagen production and skin metabolism.

RM590 120mins

mr recontour

Recommended for eyes and neck

Eye & Neck Rescue
Rejuvenate and enhance blood circulation around tired eyes and neck areas.


Collagen Eye Repair
Prevents dryness, wrinkling and sagging around the eye contour area with this intensive collagen eye mask treatment.

RM190 40mins

Nano Oxygen Eye
Reduce wrinkles and fine lines while improving collagen synthesis and texture around delicate eye area with oxygen infusion.

RM260 50mins

HD Eyelift
Treat dark eye circles, eye bags and eye wrinkles with this RF collagen treatment and collagen eye mask.

RM290 50mins

Neck Clarifying
An effective, purifying treatment that deep cleanses congested neck skin.

RM270 60min

mr teen skin 

Customised for teenagers

Teenage Oil Preventative

Recommended for combination/ oily /acne-prone skin. This Cleansing facial helps normalise oil secretion for clearer skin.





Teenage Acne Control

For problematic teen skin, this powerful anti acne treatment with natural essential oils and marine algae mask help reduce inflammation, control acne and excess oil.

RM210 90mins